Running a gym at DOCUMENT

Paul Studholme is a former British champion Muay Thai kickboxer who runs the performance focused PCT Gym from the DOCUMENT complex. An infamous trainer with a “Sergeant Major approach” (his words, not ours) Paul is top of his game as a combat trainer, he’s even been enlisted by Bristol University as their head Muay Thai instructor. We take five minutes to find out more about what it’s like running a business at DOCUMENT, and how the vibrant community is spurring him on to take his business to the next level.

Paul, please tell us about your gym?

“PCT gym is a gym specialising in the combat sport of Muay Thai kickboxing, strength and conditioning. We cater for all levels, from your average Joe to elite athletes. We’re a competitive kickboxing gym, we produce kickboxing and Muay Thai champions. We’re mixed and very open… We’re probably the leading sports combat gym in Bristol at the moment…”

How long has your gym been at the DOCUMENT complex?

“I’ve been here since day 1. I’ve been here for five years. A friend of mine told me about the building, and it was through word of mouth that I got the lease on the building… My business just keeps growing and growing. It’s well known and all my trainers are qualified and accredited.”

How did you transform the space?

“PCT Gym was a blank canvas when I moved in here and it’s a creative space: it’s what you make it… It’s a very good hub to be involved in and for networking. It’s very secure, there are loads of cameras and parking. It’s a good event space and the people who run the business (Tracey, Dan and Martin) are sound and there aren’t any issues. It’s harmony. It’s a good place to get involved in.”

What’s next for your business?

“I’ve got a lease for five years, I’m two years in and if I get another five years here: I’m happy! Moving forward I’d like to franchise the brand, keeping this one but branching out into the South West. It’s just finding the staff and people to trust.” 

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