Alfresco Disco take over FACILITY for NYE

If you’re a regular raver in Bristol, Alfresco Disco needs little or no introduction…

They’re a collective of party starters who’ve been throwing (top secret) events since 2005. Cloaked in enigma, fans buy tickets and then wait till a day before the event to get the final location – a bit like the explosion of illegal rave in the late 80s but without the phone line. Run by a crew of music lovers and DJs, they continue to throw highly anticipated parties across the city and DOCUMENT were lucky enough to house their crew, DJs and nearly 1,500 party goers to see in 2023 on New Year’s Eve.

Alfresco co-owner and Production Manager, Victoria Holden gives us her take on the NYE event and explains what it’s like from a promoter’s side throwing a party in the former 90s document storage facility.

You guys are constantly on the hunt for exciting and inspiring places for people to party, tell us about your first impressions of the space?

“The first impression of the space was that it’s an undiscovered gem. The ceiling is really stunning, it has a really nice industrial feel to it… It’s still got some of the original functional features in it but it’s still really well laid out and spacious.”

How was the setup and breakdown?

“We’re used to adapting our event with real constrictions. We’ve put parties on in adventure playgrounds in the middle of residential areas in the daytime – so this is quite straightforward compared to other spaces we’ve used. DOCUMENT’s Martin and Jason were incredibly flexible around our get-in and get-out times which really helped us as mostly we have a day to transform the space, and then put it back again. It was really easy for us.”

How did you utilise the space for the NYE party?

“Our NYE party at FACILITY went really well. We had 1,480 people through the door – that was a real success. The layout was great and really easy for customers to understand; we had a one-way system in place from room 1 to room 2 (RECORD) and out into the courtyard smoking and toilet area… Our bars were happily nestled in the main space and there were no issues with having the bar and dancefloor in the same place.”

How important is this space for Bristol Nightlife and the live music scene?

“These spaces are fast disappearing. FACILITY means that there’s a mid-size club available or a space that’s big enough to hold 2,500 – 3,000 people… I think it’s a really good asset to Bristol; it’s another really interesting space where people can host product launches, exhibitions and rave or dance events really easily. I recommend it for promoters that are like us (or aren’t like us). Live music would be really cool too. It’s a really good dynamic space to use.”